Finish Carpentry

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Triple A Renovations & Construction, LLC specializes in all aspects of finish carpentry including the installation of baseboard trim, crown molding, wainscot paneling, and other decorative and custom trims.

Finish carpentry involves finishing off all the exposed joints and corners in a newly constructed or repaired commercial space or freshly remodeled home. Where the drywall meets the floor you’ll need to have “baseboards” installed, where the drywall meets the ceiling most homes have “crown molding” installed and you’ll probably also want nicely laid trim around doorways and windows to hide all the ugliness and inner workings of the doors or windows.

This is one area of construction that too many contractors are willing to ignore in their rush to get your job finished so they can move onto the next job. Those small details (such as square corners) can make all the difference in the world.


Finish Carpentry in New York City and Nassau County:
  • checkBaseboard and Trim Installations
  • checkCrown Molding Installations
  • checkCustom Wood Working Details
  • checkWainscot Paneling Installations