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About Our Company

Triple A Renovations & Construction, LLC, is a general construction company founded by Alan Jacas, an experienced contractor for over 30 years.Triple A offers a wide range of interior renovation, remodeling and repair services for both residential and commercial customers. Most of our work is performed in-house with select work offered to sub-contractors as needed. We service all boroughs in New York as well as in Nassau County.

We specialize in full kitchen, bathroom and basement renovations, tile and marble installations, interior framing and drywall installations, interior painting, carpentry, door frame and hardware installation and interior build-outs as well as all interior finishes. Most of our work is performed in-house with select work offered to sub-contractors as needed.

Our company enjoys a solid reputation in the construction industry, earning repeat business from the majority of our customers. In fact, most of our new projects are direct referrals from satisfied customers. Since its inception, Triple A has brought creative vision to hundreds of projects, and is known for providing quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and cost management to its clients.

30+ Years Experience

Why Us?

We’re a small family-owned business, and we’re proud of it.  We believe that quality control goes out the window as things become procedural and based off of how much rather than how good.  Big business deals in high volume and low customer service.  We’re the exact opposite! Being a small business means that we get to focus our attention on you and what you want done.  We aren’t about bulk.  We’re about spending the time it takes for a truly creative custom remodel.


New York City


Quality Services



Meet The Owners

Alan Jacas

President & Construction Manager

Alan formed Triple A Renovations & Construction after a long history of working in the construction industry doing predominately residential contracting projects for real estate companies, property managers and private homeowners. He’s worked for over 25 years as a tile and stone installation mechanic for Local 7 Tile Layers Union which gave him the opportunity to hone his craft and experience as a tile and stone installer and renovation contractor.

Summary of Experience

  • 30+ years experience in residential and small business remodeling, renovation abd repair services
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in tile, marble and stone installation procedures
  • Knowledge of rendering and leveling of floors and walls
  • Experienced in working with schematics and blueprints
  • Skilled at erecting vertical and horizontal wood and metal studs, and drywall application
  • Knowledge and experience of light plumbing and electric
  • Ability to estimate amount of supplies and materials needed for projects
  • Large portfolio of residential kitchen and bathroom renovations
  • Skilled in all interior finishes

Sharon Jacas

Vice President & Administrative Manager

Sharon functions as Alan’s right hand and oversees the business and financial management of the company. Her role involves proposing and implementing policies and practices aligned with the company’s goals, and she is responsible for cultivating relationships with potential customers and vendors and employees.

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